Challenging Systemic Barriers: Anti-Racism and Equity (For Individuals)


The Challenging Systemic Barriers: Anti-Racism and Equity companion guide for individuals is designed for deep personal reflection. By the end of this companion guide, you’ll…

Clearly recognize and acknowledge your personal misconceptions about equity

Improve your understanding of equity and the systemic barriers that impede it

Build your capacity to discuss equity and inequity with intention and without biasIdentify opportunities to confidently take action for equity in your personal and professional life

Your companion guide includes:

  • Live links to each video in the Challenging Systemic Barriers: The Equity Lens Series

  • Thought-provoking pre-video questions to prepare you to engage with this video series

  • Reflective post-video questions to support your understanding of the principles and concepts

  • Fillable PDF pages where you can document your answers and thoughts

  • A glossary of key terms essential to understanding, discussing, and taking action towards equity