Keynotes & Guest Lectures

Providing an introduction to the key concepts and implications of equity for professional audiences

Keynotes & Guest Lectures

The Challenges

For organizations and institutions that wish to broach the subject of equity, keynotes and guest lectures can serve as an effective point of introduction. From university students to industry professionals, learning from an expert in equity work provides an opportunity for audiences to begin to understand the meaning of equity and grapple with its implications for their specific contexts.

For these audiences, these keynotes or lectures can highlight the value of equity work and approaches in a given industry or sector, reveal issues of inequity that may be going unnoticed and unaddressed, and spark new ways of thinking about their own areas of expertise.

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Unlike other more interactive methodologies for exploring equity, keynotes and guest lectures are typically limited by time restrictions and minimal audience interaction. As such, it is difficult for a speaker to know exactly what the audience understood beforehand and how well they are connecting with the content as it is being delivered. This makes it possible for audiences to become disengaged or to leave the experience with no interest in pursuing the subject further.

Keynotes & Guest Lectures

Our Solutions

KOJO Institute has successfully delivered engaging and informative keynotes and guest lectures for organizations and institutions across North America. Hard-hitting and honest, yet tactful and accessible, we engage audiences in a way that will make them actively listen and increase their understanding of the topic of equity. We build our content from a combination of high-level academic study on the subject, decades of experience in real-world equity work, and functioning knowledge of adult learning principles that allow us to tailor the format and delivery of our keynotes and lectures to our audiences.

Our speaking points and approach are customized to cover equity as it relates to an area of work or study, allowing listeners to take valuable and relevant information from the lecture or keynote, sparking their interest in learning more, and encouraging them to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day.

8 Levers To Organizational, Institutional and Systems Change

  • Engaging the Board of Directors
  • Impacting Staffing Strategies
  • Examining the Accountability Framework
  • Maximizing the Use of Data
  • Implementing Fresh Training and Learning
  • Amplifying Communications Strategies
  • Widening Community and Stakeholder Relations
  • Revisting Service or Business Models

What We Do Well

  • Equity
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Organizational Culture Change

How We Prepare You

  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Community Consultations
  • Content & Research Development
  • Keynotes & Guest Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Multi-Session Programs

Building Transformation Skills

KOJO Institute leads executives, managers and organizations through an innovative approach that reconstructs their paradigms and systems connected to equity, diversity and inclusion. We amplify the vision for change through deep-dive explorations that identify the scope, segment competencies and quantify resources required to birth social innovation.

With a clear focus on client expectations, we aim to produce actionable frameworks and solutions that ultimately better the lives your people and organization. Contact us.

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