Employment Equity

Addressing the disparities in the recruitment, retention, and succession of equity-seeking groups

Employment Equity

The Challenges

Though many organizations and institutions make commitments to diverse staffing and inclusive hiring, studies and statistics show that equity-seeking groups like women, racialized people, individuals with disabilities, and LGBT people are significantly underrepresented in certain industries. When they are present, they fail to make it beyond entry-level positions. Employment equity, also called affirmative action in US contexts, is meant to address these disparities. However, effective change is challenging in a society where neoliberal values and meritocracy are deep-seated and prevalent. Members of the dominant group firmly believe that hiring practices are fair, all candidates and employees are treated equally, and those who hold positions earned them purely on their own merit. Any attempt to address inequity, then, is met with claims of unfairness and reverse discrimination.

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However, the reality is that nepotism and favouritism have played a role in determining who gets hired regardless of merit. This, paired with dominant ideas, assumptions and stereotypes about different groups—e.g. Asians excel in non-subjective contexts like science, women are too nurturing and passive for leadership, Black people are aggressive and insubordinate—is reflected in who gets what jobs. As a result, we see disproportionate representation of the dominant group in employment, staffing that is unreflective of the clients served, gaps in the presence and pay of marginalized groups, and an underutilization of those groups’ skillsets.

Employment Equity

Our Solutions

Employment equity works to remove barriers to employment by eliminating policies and practices that exclude members of any group. At KOJO Institute, we use and analyze disaggregated identity data to determine the state of equity in an organization or institution’s staffing and the policies and practices that are creating disproportionate outcomes for particular groups. We also assess the make up of the staff and what positions they hold. With this data as the foundation, we work with our clients and their HR departments to strategize, implement, and facilitate processes, policies, and organizational culture that promote, support, and enhance employment equity and human resources diversity.

As our clients work towards employment equity, they not only meet their legislative commitment to equitable hiring, but they also develop a staff that is reflective of the communities they operate in and the populations they serve. Wage and representation gaps begin to close, favouritism and nepotism are dispelled, and recruitment, retention and succession are equitable, targeted to the needs of the organization, and based on true merit.

8 Levers To Organizational, Institutional and Systems Change

  • Engaging the Board of Directors
  • Impacting Staffing Strategies
  • Examining the Accountability Framework
  • Maximizing the Use of Data
  • Implementing Fresh Training and Learning
  • Amplifying Communications Strategies
  • Widening Community and Stakeholder Relations
  • Revisting Service or Business Models

What We Do Well

  • Equity & Human Rights
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Employment Equity
  • Human Resources Diversity
  • Organizational Culture Change

How We Prepare You

  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Community Consultations
  • Content & Research Development
  • Keynotes & Guest Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Multi-Session Programs

Building Transformation Skills

KOJO Institute leads executives, managers and organizations through an innovative approach that reconstructs their paradigms and systems connected to equity, diversity and inclusion. We amplify the vision for change through deep-dive explorations that identify the scope, segment competencies and quantify resources required to birth social innovation.

With a clear focus on client expectations, we aim to produce actionable frameworks and solutions that ultimately better the lives your people and organization. Contact us.

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