Kike visited House of Friendship for a Leadership/Management training session last June. It was incredible and life-changing for many of us. Kike’s gift to the world is to be able to openly name and allow us to sit in the discomfort of this work, holding us accountable, but also not judging anyone. She created a trusting space where we were able to examine our beliefs, learn about legacies that continue to impact us today, and critically explore the systems we live, work and play within. 

For the first time I felt like Kike gave me a vocabulary of what equity really is, what the goal is in our organization, and the broader community. This was a game changer for me – this work always seemed murky and unclear, but I knew it was incredibly important, and that I had a role to play as white woman. Her lens of progress not perfection, and a posture of practice was also a paradigm shift for me. I had always worried about what to say, what not to say and then became paralyzed and didn’t do anything. After having the opportunity to learn from Kike, I felt empowered, clear on what I needed to do, and motivated to support change in my organization and my community.

Not a day goes by where Kike isn’t mentioned in House of Friendship circles, community circles and conversations I have at home. Her clear, straightforward explanations and framework for anti-racism and equity has given us tools and a path for action. If you want to chat more specifically about Kike’s approach, I would happily connect to discuss further.