Kike visited House of Friendship for a Leadership/Management training session last June. It was incredible and life-changing for many of us. Kike’s gift to the world is to be able to openly name and allow us to sit in the discomfort of this work, holding us accountable, but also not judging anyone. She created a trusting space where we were able to examine our beliefs, learn about legacies that continue to impact us today, and critically explore the systems we live, work and play within. 


Joanne Adair, Development Manager at House of Friendship smiling in a white button-down shirt with red butterflies.
Joanne Adair <br> Development Manager, House of FriendshipGame Changing and Empowering

The London Police Services Board asked Ms. Ojo-Thompson from the KOJO Institute to start off a day-long strategy session devoted to anti-racism in policing. Her presentation hit on all the right notes. In addition to challenging the Board to question long standing assumptions that are built upon racist legacies, she guided Board members towards actionable outcomes regarding trust, accountability, and transparency. Thank you for a fantastic presentation.

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Javeed Sukhera, Chair of the London Police Services Board, wearing a black suit, light blue shirt, and orange and blue striped tie.
Javeed Sukhera <br> Chair, London Police Services BoardProfound and Actionable

Laidlaw Foundation had the privilege and pleasure of having Kike Ojo-Thompson support our collective staff and board anti-oppression training. Our individual levels of awareness and competency on the issue was from ‘none’ to ‘well versed’. Regardless of where we were on the spectrum of knowing, she supported all of us, with patience and enthusiasm. Miigwetch (thank you)

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Janine Manning<br>Granting Committee Chair, Laidlaw FoundationConscious and Skillful