Assisting conference organizers in a broad range of sectors to include equity at every stage of their events.


The Challenges

Conferences are opportunities for professionals in a given sector, industry, or organization to gather, discuss key issues, and learn from experts, innovators, and leaders in their space. Whatever the focus, from health to artificial intelligence, these conferences, in some way, address human experiences. As such, they should consider people in a holistic way and offer some critical analysis about those experiences. Wherever people is the focus, equity factors in because issues of disproportionality and disparity can manifest anywhere.

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It is important for professionals in any industry to be able to consider the context of who they serve and the context they live and work in. The challenge with involving equity content in many conferences is that the need for the conversation is not always clear. Organizers who argue for its inclusion run the risk of being challenged about its necessity and may struggle to articulate why it is worth the financial investment to address the subject.


Our Solutions

KOJO Institute offers a number of services for industry and organization conferences including engaging guest lectures, dynamic keynote speeches, and innovative workshops. Each of these services are customized to introduce, discuss, or educate audiences on equity as it applies to the industry and the theme of the conference. We also provide equity experts to participate in panel discussions.

Additionally, we consult with conference organizers to support them on critical decisions during the development stage of the conference, such as selecting diverse and qualified keynote speakers and panellists and assisting in the drafting of equity-conscious written material. Our services help our clients to ensure that equity is not only a topic at their conferences but also a consideration in every stage of the event.

8 Levers To Organizational, Institutional and Systems Change

  • Engaging the Board of Directors
  • Impacting Staffing Strategies
  • Examining the Accountability Framework
  • Maximizing the Use of Data
  • Implementing Fresh Training and Learning
  • Amplifying Communications Strategies
  • Widening Community and Stakeholder Relations
  • Revisting Service or Business Models

What We Do Well

  • Equity
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Organizational Culture Change

How We Prepare You

  • Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Community Consultations
  • Content & Research Development
  • Keynotes & Guest Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Multi-Session Programs

Building Transformation Skills

KOJO Institute leads executives, managers and organizations through an innovative approach that reconstructs their paradigms and systems connected to equity, diversity and inclusion. We amplify the vision for change through deep-dive explorations that identify the scope, segment competencies and quantify resources required to birth social innovation.

With a clear focus on client expectations, we aim to produce actionable frameworks and solutions that ultimately better the lives your people and organization. Contact us.

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