An aerial view of a rooftop with grafitti that says "Our Home on Stolen Land." Blog title on the left reads "4 Lessons in Decolonization from Indigenous Communities for National Indigenous History month"

4 Lessons in Decolonization from Indigenous Communities for NIHM

Each June, Canada observes National Indigenous History Month (NIHM). For many organizations and individuals, these 30 days are, rightfully, an opportunity to reflect on the violence European colonizers enacted against Indigenous communities during the theft and conquest of the Americas. However, we must recognize that Indigenous histories do not begin with colonial contact. For centuries,…

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Redefining Black History Month in Canada – Part I

Recently on our social media, we asked the question: What is Black History Month in Canada really about? For most organizations, February is filled with celebrations of Black changemakers, culture, and achievements. Rarely—if ever—do organizations spend February examining their treatment of Black staff and service users or addressing anti-Black racism within their policies and practices.

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white text on purple background that reads: "Confronting anti-Indigenous racism and colonialism in Canada Part 3" with black and white image of indigenous women at a protest.

Confronting Anti-Indigenous Racism and Colonialism in Canada – Part III

Over the last two posts in our confronting anti-Indigenous racism and colonialism in Canada, we’ve explored the historical and contemporary impacts of colonialism on Indigenous Peoples, from contact to the present day and across a number of societal systems.  So far, we have examined these impacts on Indigenous communities as a whole. However, some demographic…

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Image of an open book with a library. Text says: The Language of Equity: The KOJO Institute Glossary

The Language of Equity

We have heard a great deal about equity over the last few decades, but the results show that far too little is being done. It is easy then to assume that words do little for equitable outcomes. In the sense that empty promises and declarations do not produce change, this is true. But when it…

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