Anti-Black Racism e-Learning

From the Abolitionist Movement to Black Lives Matter, people have been advocating for equity for centuries. KOJO Institute offers a resource for organizations and individuals who want to be champions in this work with our Anti-Black Racism e-Learning Course. 

What You Will Learn

This six-module learning experience will develop your capacity and confidence to:

This course provides a meaningful starting point to confronting and disrupting the inequities Black people and communities face.

Anti-Black Racism

$ 250
  • 6 Interactive e-Learning Modules
  • The origins of anti-Black racism
  • Frameworks to disrupt anti-Blackness
  • The role of non-Black accomplices

What’s Included

6 Self-Paced Modules

Includes instructional video content and reflective exercises that cover:

Digital Companion Journal

Designed to support more meaningful engagement in your equity journey:

Key Course Takeaways

For Organizations

For Individuals

Who Should Enroll

Anti-Black Racism is open to:

Corporate Training Opportunities

Discover the benefits of implementing a comprehensive KOJO e-Learning training program for your organization. By prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, companies can create a more productive, innovative, and socially responsible workplace while reducing legal risks and improving customer relations.

Instructor: Kike Ojo-Thompson

Kike Ojo-Thompson is an award-winning anti-racism and anti-Black racism thought leader with more than 25 years of experience in the field. As founder and CEO of  equity consultancy firm KOJO Institute, she has led dozens of organizations in both the private and public sector towards more equitable outcomes. Her expertise has also been featured by Forbes, Maclean’s, The Globe & Mail, Oxford University, and Giants of Africa.

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Foundations of Equity & Anti-Black Racism

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